What’s it About?

Read the label on any drug, and it will tell you what the Active Ingredient is…the substance that’s biologically active. There’s other stuff in there, but the compound that will make a difference, that can affect change, that can make things better, is the active ingredient (AI). If I read the drug facts on the side of your box, the box referring to your work (and your life), what would it say? Who or what would be listed as the active ingredient? In order for your team to create and deliver, there needs to be guidance. There needs to be … Continue reading What’s it About?


For a period of three years, I was writing for AllAccess.com. It started out as a column about digital technology, but it quickly turned into a column about leadership, brand building, and engaging audiences. When I started writing, I often saw things through the lenses of my kids, at the time seven and nine years old. I was drawn to their perspectives and experiences. They had a unique way of looking at the world. Emily and Max, now both in high school, never had a chance to read these stories. I’m hoping now they do and that this book will … Continue reading Why?

The Author

Father, Husband, Broadcaster and Personality Chris Edge can now add Author to the list. In his first book, “The Active Ingredient is You”, Edge shares his thoughts on leadership, brand building, and connecting with audiences, most of which comes with perspective inspired by his young children. Edge currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife Jennifer, two teenagers, and an anxious dog named Daisy.   Continue reading The Author